The Ballad of the Midday Ramblers

The Midday Ramblers play Bluegrass Music. They hail from all parts of the midwest but have called Lawrence, Kansas their home for many years. In 1997 the band began performing under the temporary name "The Burcham Park Boys" until they began a half-hour radio show on the ill-fated,
low-wattage radio station KAW Radio. Broadcasting from the basement of Liberty Hall in downtown Lawrence, KAW pumped a whopping 9 watt signal to most parts of Lawrence. Operating without a FCC license, the station sported a wide range of local programming. Traditional DJs, political tirades, and live music all had a place on KAW Radio. Meanwhile, the Burcham Park Boys had been tightening up their sound on the sidewalks in front of Liberty Hall, and when KAW came kawlling, they moved the music inside.

"The Midday Ramble" was the noontime show that the B. Park Boys created to share their bluegrass music with several square blocks of Lawrence, and were thus transformed into The Midday Ramblers. Though the show was as short lived as KAW Radio (the FCC shut its doors for good in 1999), the band has continued on to become the bluegrass juggernaut you see before you.

The Midday Ramblers have gone on to play thousands if not hundreds of live performances in places as far away as Missouri. They have authored many fine tunes and songs, chronicled on 4 recordings for the Bluegill record label. They have also produced an alarming amount of children. It also occurs to them that they may be the longest-running band in Lawrence, KS that has had no personnel changes. They continue to play Bluegrass Music and show no signs of stopping.